Our first artist of the month, is Safwan Subzwari, currently resided in Karachi, Pakistan. His work is often based on very keen observations into the depths of society, he explores the contradictions around and within him through his work. His elaborate critique on society is very often laced by the humbleness and the warmth of his heart, the voice of which distinctly echoes in whatever he produces. This makes his work relatable and digestible yet absurd at times. Safwan is not limited to a single medium, he is a filmmaker, poet, a musician, a teacher and now for many years a very strong voice for the freedom of arts and culture in Pakistan, where he has impacted many lives, and dedicated himself selflessly.

Safwan is a multidisciplinary artist. After completing his BFA in Filmmaking from Columbia College Hollywood, Los Angeles he moved to Pakistan where he continues to work in art, film, and music. He has exhibited his work at collective art shows in Karachi, Dubai, Berlin, and Barcelona as well as illustrated for several children’s books.

Zusammen Weihnachten

Some of you may already know Safwan's work from our poster series during winter break? Over Christmas, Safwan collaborated with us on a series named “zusammen Weihnachten”— this challenged the idea of Germanys homogenous image and exerted another reality which reminded people that they are not alone, or rather, that there are people who are alone over Christmas, that Germany is a diverse, multifaceted society.

The series was unique for its content but also, its form, in how it was exhibited, it merged art and activistm, as it showed up all over the city. Adding color to the streets during the hard winters and a tough lock down.

If you like to see the artists more work, visit him on: