A people never set free

Freedom only became the new flags they hoisted
But their minds became caves of remnants of an old world

A people never set free

They were never set free
Having their lands seized
by strange men from strange lands
Through the ages when knowledge
was spewing like wild fire
But extinguished at the very shores of their sea line.

Their ignorance and friendship,
Became the very shackles
onto which their hands were chained
And set off into distant lands,
whose customs were strange to behold;
Only allowed to speak the language
of back breaking work on the farm.

Then the centuries passed,
and the Great disruptions happened
Opening new doors for men
to be Kings in their own lands
…but they were truly never set free.

Freedom only became
the new flags they hoisted,
But their minds, became caves,
remnants of an old world.

Their pockets were stitched
to the metropol with a torch in hand;
With the big clock overlooking their every move,
while their affairs viewed,
from the highest tower of the old world.

Their visionaries were sacrificed
by their own people,
for the unknown Price of destroying their tomorrows.
Now their inks on paper,
the only memory of a people, struggling,
to rid themselves of,

this near perpetual yoke.

About the author written by the author
Robert Osei Opoku is somebody who thinks of Africa,its people and its
place in the world.
He is very much interested in historical and contemporary relations of Africa with the rest of the world that is shaping the future of Africa for both good and bad.
At heart an avid reader who loves to exchange ideas.