Go Give Time

GOGIVE TIME-“Volunteer. Lead. Grow”

At GoGive Time, we believe young Africans must develop leadership skills – strategic thinking, creative problem solving, change management, conflict resolution and cultural literacy – to cultivate an effective leadership class for the next generation. GoGive Time combines tech assets with community service and social networking to match volunteers with leadership development and training opportunities at organizations, thereby providing social currency from human capital in the form of volunteer time for students and professionals. We will also support capacity growth for organizations in the non-profit, business and government sectors by removing much of the overhead of traditional employee volunteering programs so that organizations can focus on what really matters: social impact.
GoGive Time uses a unique approach whereby volunteers complete a profile on our app and web platform in order to join a unique social networking platform of like-minded students and professionals who are looking to share ideas about service and grassroots development and learn progressive leadership skills. The app matches the volunteer with multiple service opportunities in private business, non-profit organization and/or government programs operating in or near communities where the volunteer lives, works or socializes. The matching is uniquely community-based such that it positions volunteers for professional leadership and training opportunities that directly address community needs. The volunteer hours commuted to eachservice activity identified for them by GoGive Time is tracked via the location-based feature of the app and in-built app rewards are provided after each activity.
At GoGive Time, we are confident that our activities have a role to play in contributing to the ambitions of a Germany-Ghana development cooperation particularly, the overall priority of securing sustainable economic development. We also believe that the needed education style (practical STEM education) and the development of qualified human resources can contribute to securing progress on this priority in Ghana. We also acknowledge that German development cooperation requires the interaction of different spheres of society; this includes Government, society and the private sector. As private sector organizations, we are of the opinion that our ideals and targets at WeGo Innovate and GoGive Time align with German development cooperation principles; while simultaneously address the pressing needs of Ghanaian society.

About GoGive Time
GoGive Time is a location-based platform that facilitates student and professional volunteerism, encouraging Ghanaian volunteers to focus their efforts in the communities where they live, work and socialize while generating social currency and building essential leadership skills.
GoGive Time values the safety and wellbeing of volunteers and community members. We believe the volunteer experience enables students, professionals, and organisations to give back meaningfully to society.